Web Application Hunter

Click the blue crosshair icon on the icon bar - it will open browser (the one you choose in Global Settings) and Web Hunter control window (you can minimize it at any time to a white rectangle with a hunter icon on it, located on the right side of the screen).

Hunting takes place on a website specially opened by Wizlink, at the top of which there is an inscription: "The browser is being controlled by automated test software" (in Firefox no inscription, only icon near URL address).

When launching Web Hunter for the first time in a given Wizlink Designer session - the page that will be opened in the hunter's browser will be this page. Each time the Web Hunter is launched again in the same Wizlink session - the browser will be opened with the last page launched in the previous hunting session.

Put the URL address of the page to be hunted in URL field of the opened browser and you may start hunting immediately.

To start hunting click the page (set the focus on it), press and hold Ctrl key and at the same time hover the mouse over the website (examining the page). All elements possible for hunting will get a thick orange frame when you hover over it.


When you finally choose the screen element to be acquired stop moving the mouse and press the 1 key from the keyboard (remember - keep the Ctrl key pressed). There is no need to click the mouse on the selected screen element, just stop hovering the mouse when the element is surrounded by the orange frame. To hunt next element – examine the page again and press 1 key again. You can hunt any number of elements at once.

Sometimes due to issues caused by the internal structure of the browser page, Wizlink is unable to select the desired elements on the screen by surrounding them with a thick orange frame (e.g. a rectangular field surrounds a much larger area of the screen than needed) - go back to the Browser Hunter control window. Click the circular arrow next to the second line in this window (application shows Get subelements when hovering over it). It opens a list of frames. When you click on some position - you will be automatically transferred to this place on the web page. However, in a vast majority of cases you will see nothing, as frames in modern web pages are mostly used for technical part of the page (statistics etc.) and they are invisible.


All hunted elements (so called controls) are transferred to Wizlink Designer at once after succesful hunt. Hunted controls show up in the Web applications controls section of the Local GUI controls tab in a Just hunted folder.


NOTE: every time you open the instance of web browser – it has no cookies at all (so it will not have information that you previously entered into form fields, such as passwords).

NOTE: check Settings page in main menu: in Global Settings you can choose the browser you want to use, you can define the hunting start page and turn off automatically updating web drivers; in Scenario Settings you can decide whether to automatically close browser at the end of hunting.


NOTE: problems with browsers drivers - check here.

NOTE: you should organize the controls in Wizlink. More information here.

NOTE: see also CSS, CSS Selector.

Last edited: August 7, 2023.