Text from Message text box may be displayed in Wizlink's Logs, depending on chosen severity level.

Put a variable or plain text in Message text box, choose the severity level of this message (default is Info). Open Logs tab in Wizlink Designer. Right click the mouse and from opened menu choose the minimum severity level of messages to show in Logs. The severity levels (from the least important) are: debug, info, confirmation, warning, error, critical. When you choose from right-click menu e.g. error level - only messages with error or critical severity level will show in Logs. When you do not choose any severity level - all messages from Log activities will show in Logs.

Parameter NameParameter TypeIn/OutDescription
Alternative Scenario If FailedBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "on"
Display NameLiteralInputyou can change the name of activity for greater clarity of the scenario
Exclude from Transaction CheckBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "off"
MessageStringInputtext to set in Logs
SeverityDropdownInputselect the appropriate option from the dropdown list
ResultBooleanOutputreturns the Boolean value: it will return True if no error is in activity, otherwise it will return False
Result CodeInt32OutputResult Code will return 0 if there is no error in activity, otherwise in most cases it will return 1, the extended result code will show only in several chosen activities