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Get BCC Value

This activity allows to use environment variables declared in BCC, in the scenario.
Put the activity in the scenario, click the magnifying glass icon. It will open the external window with the list of values. Choose one and click Select. Declare variable and put it in Value textbox, create parameter corresponding to the variable.


You may build BCC value dictionary in BCC, on the BCC Values page:


NOTE: more information: here.

Parameter NameParameter TypeIn/OutDescription
Alternative Scenario If FailedBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "on"
BCC Value NameStringInputenvironment variable name from BCC
Display NameLiteralInputyou can change the name of activity for greater clarity of the scenario
Exclude from Transaction CheckBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "off"
ResultBooleanOutputreturns the Boolean value: it will return True if no error is in activity, otherwise it will return False
Result CodeInt32OutputResult Code will return 0 if there is no error in activity, otherwise in most cases it will return 1, the extended result code will show only in several chosen activities
ValueLiteralOutputvariable name

Last edited: 2023, 15 May