Wizlink Migration Tool

Wizlink Migration Tool is an application that migrates scenarios created in earlier versions of Wizlink into scenarios that may run in Wizlink v.2.x.

Scenarios in Wizlink from version 2.x differ from earlier versions. Wizlink scenarios are now stored in .wlns files (.wlns instead of .wlnk and encrypted scenario in .wlnx instead of .wlnx files). The location and organisation of plugins and subscenarios has changed, the location of the license file has changed, changes have occurred within hunters and controls. A sizeable group of parameter names has changed, new parameters were introduced (e.g. the Answer parameter). In the course of the development of the application new activities appeared, some of which took over parts of the functions of the old activities and developed them. Wizlink Migration Tool was created to deal with these problems.


Wizlink Migration Tool looks similar to regular Wizlink Designer. Wizlink Migration Tool differs from Wizlink Designer in the contents of menu and button bars. There is a Migration option in menu bar. You can call Migration errors and warnings every time you want to remember what problems should be dealt with in the chosen scenario. Export migrated scenario is used to save a fully migrated scenario to the target format (.wlns). The Save button is used to save the scenario which is currently being migrated in the temporary .wlnm format, if you like.


See also: Wizlink Migration Manual