Extended Result Codes

A table of specific Result Codes that may appear for different acitivities.

Result CodeResult NameActivityCode Description
0Successall activitiesactivity finished successfully
1ExtendedResultCodeUnavailableall activitiesactivity finished with unspecified error
2BrowserNotFoundWeb activitiesbrowser window with specified window name not found
3GuiControlNotFoundWeb activitiesGUI control not found on the website
4CannotReadFromFileGet Text From PDFerror during conversion of PDF data
5FileNotFoundGet Single Email, Get Text From PDFfile not found
6FolderNotFoundGet Single Emailfolder not found
7TimeoutRun Macro, Send Single Email, Get Single EmailMaxExecutionTime has run out
8IOErrorGet/Send Single Emailattachments could not be loaded/saved
9NoMessagesToDownloadGet Single Emailmailbox is empty
10NullMessageGet Single Emailmessage downloaded from the server is null (empty file)
11ServiceAuthenticationErrorEmail activitieserror during SMTP server authentication
12ServiceConnectionErrorEmail activitiescould not connect to SMTP server
13ServiceNotAuthenticatedEmail activitiesuser does not have permission to access the mailbox
14ServiceNotConnectedEmail activitiescould not connect to SMTP server
15FailedToDownloadSubscenarioScenario Invokersubscenario could not be downloaded from BCC
16ScenarioAbortedScenario Invokersubscenario has finished with an error