Input Text

Activity used to communicate with a business user. Should be used in attended robots.
Write down an instruction in the Prompt box (remember of double quotes) or in Selected Element Properties. Declare a variable and put it in the Selected Element Properties window (Output > Text). The variable will take the value of the information entered. This activity returns a blue box with instruction/question you wrote and a text box where one should put an answer.

Parameter NameParameter TypeIn/OutDescription
Alternative Scenario If FailedBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "on"
Display NameLiteralInputyou can change the name of activity for greater clarity of the scenario
Exclude from Transaction CheckBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "off"
PromptStringInputprompt to display in Wizlink box
Acquired TextStringOutputtext acquired from keyboard
ResultBooleanOutputreturns the Boolean value: it will return True if no error is in activity, otherwise it will return False
Result CodeInt32OutputResult Code will return 0 if there is no error in activity, otherwise in most cases it will return 1, the extended result code will show only in several chosen activities