Files Handling

Zip Archive

This activity extracts files to the folder from chosen .zip file or compresses chosen file(s) to a contracted file(s).

Compression is possible in .zip and .7z formats, while compression with the division into parts only in .7z format. Compressed file can be closed with a password.

Wildcards (?, *) are allowed - you can use an asterisk (*) to replace any sequence of characters, so pattern “*.*” as a last element of file path in Source textbox means that all documents in a given folder will be zipped at once.

Parameter NameParameter TypeIn/OutDescription
ActionDropdownInputselect action to perform from the dropdown list
Alternative Scenario If FailedBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "on"
DestinationStringInputdirectory path to a file (file name and extension included)
Destination TypeDropdownInputselect destination type from the dropdown list
Display NameLiteralInputchanges display name of the activity
Exclude from Transaction CheckBooleanInputcheckbox; default is "off"
FormatDropdownInputselect archive format from the dropdown list
Part size (MB)Int32Inputinteger; choose max size of every part of zipped file (compression with division)
PasswordStringInputpassword (string expression)
SourceStringInputdirectory path to a file (file name and extension included)
ResultBooleanOutputreturns a Boolean value. True if no error in activity, otherwise will return False
Result CodeInt32OutputResult Code will return 0 if there is no error in activity, otherwise in most cases it will return 1, the extended result code will show only in several chosen activities