About Wizlink

Flow Outline Window

The Flow Outline window is in top right part of Wizlink screen. Flow Outline window shows all activities that are inside Sequence/Flowchart activities, while on main scenario flowchart you have to open Sequence/Flowchart to see them.

Due to numerous Sequence activities and nested Flowchart activities used in real scenario one can carry out a neat, clear graphical view of the scenario. A whole lot of activities used in scenario are grouped and hidden in those Sequences and Flowcharts – and on the main chart you can see only those Sequence and Flowchart activities linked with arrows. When you open one Sequence or Flowchart to analyse activities that are inside – you lose sight of the whole scenario. In this case you should look at the Flow Outline window. You may double click every Sequence and Flowchart there to see all activities inside. Furthermore when you double click selected activity here – the proper part of the scenario that contains chosen activity will be opened on the main flowchart.

Using the Flow outline window is a quite nice method of fast moving inside the scenario.