Architecture and Components

Wizlink software consists of two separate applications – Designer and Runtime.

Designer is a workflow-oriented graphical scenario editor with built-in additional tools – data object and user control hunter and test scenario runner. It provides the business user with:

    • easy selection of screen objects participating in the scenario with the mouse;
    • defining scenarios;
    • read/write data from/to participating applications;
    • algorithm for data transfer;
    • synchronization;
    • controlling applications;
    • data validation;
    • scenario testing.

Wizlink Runtime executes the scenario on the workstation. It does not allow to change the scenario contents. Additionally, it provides information regarding the process of executing scenarios, in a form of a log.

Both parts, Designer and Runtime are running as local applications on a PC, with standard user privileges. No dedicated driver is necessary, unless any third party application - used in a scenario - requires them to work.

Wizlink scenario is stored in a .wlns file, containing all data needed for the scenario to run. The scenario can be encrypted and thus be stored in a .wlnx file. An encrypted scenario can only be opened in and processed by Wizlink Runtime.